World Wellnes Open University ( )

  Wellness Rural Centers (WRC)

Through Wellness Rural Centers (WRC), based at select District headquarters of India, WWOU intends to reach out to a large section of society that is generally left out by the mainstream nation building mechanism.


WWOU would like to share the challenge of empowering women, children and poor farmers of rural India by providing them access to basic healthcare needs and providing Wellness awareness along with dissemination of systematic information on the importance of eating healthy food. Issues like exploitation and abuse from the mainstream society would be addressed through leadership development programs while literacy campaigns; basic computer training, vocational training and organic agriculture will be promoted to ensure holistic economic empowerment as a part of our Rural Empowerment projects.


A team of committed Rural Wellness Volunteers will run every WRC and the entire project is funded by WWOU out of its commitment to spread Wellness to every section of the society!