World Wellnes Open University ( )

  Our Vision
  World Wellness Open University has a vision is to ensure Healthy Living and Global Well Being.

Think hard for a while! Don’t you feel your life is getting tougher day by day? Don’t you get suffocated in your quest of living a natural life? Don’t you feel the heat of the present-generation living standards?

Welcome to the world of ‘Modern-Day-Living’ of the 21st century! Since explosion of industrialization and technology has been taking place at a rapid pace, our lifestyles have changed drastically, without a choice. Since this pattern has affected the natural well being of people to a great extent, today, the whole world is heading towards an epidemic of ‘Lifestyle Diseases’, without much of a choice. This is badly affecting people in their prime ages of their lives, as they are floating in an ocean of unheard and undiagnosed illnesses. As a result, today ‘Wellness’ and ‘Lifestyle’ have emerged as the two important concepts of the health tree and rightly so.

Welcome to the world of Wellness! Wellness as opposed to illness is described as the positive component of good health. Wellness is the integration of many different components that expand one’s potential to live a quality life and make a significant contribution to the society. Wellness reflects how one feels about his or her personal and professional life and checks one’s ability to function effectively. Today, the concept of Wellness has not only transformed itself into one of the fastest growing Trillion-Dollar Wellness Industry, but, going a step further it has transformed itself into a Wellness Revolution.

World Wellness Open University is a constructive step forward in this direction. It is committed to control and prevent these epidemics is by increasing awareness and educating people to incorporate healthy lifestyles and practice Wellness in their lives.

In order to translate our vision into reality, we are committed to propagate Wellness across the globe through multi approaches by imparting academic courses on Wellness, Lifestyle Disease Management and Rural Empowerment through Wellness Information Centers, Urban Lifestyle Hazards Management and by promoting Integrated Wellness Therapies backed by the research and development.