World Wellnes Open University ( )
  Our Objectives

World Wellness Open University has the following specific objectives :


To serve as an International Open Educational Forum to facilitate the attainment of the institutional goals identified by us in our Mission Statement, based on a broad academic as well as empowering objectives defined with specific parameters, in order to make a positive contribution to the well being of the entire human race, with no one left out.


To instill appropriate professional knowledge of various theories and concepts of Wellness, Wellness Industry, Wellness Enterprise, Modern Lifestyle and its impact on human health by imparting well-researched and well-documented academic courses.


To equip people with appropriate knowledge on Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Cellular Nutrition Therapy and Concepts of 'Medication without Medicine' based on adequate knowledge of food as well as diet and nutrition, in order to facilitate global awareness on healthy living standards and preventive health practices.


To instill appropriate professional knowledge of various theories, principles, approaches, modalities and diagnostic methods of ancient, traditional, modern, ultra-modern, alternative, complementary and integrated practices of medicine consistent with the age-old and time-tested principles of Wellness Therapies.


To instill adequate skills of critical thinking along with practical application of a wide range of natural products used on a day-to-day basis in various clinical practices.


To instill appropriate knowledge of the widely practiced traditional medical treatments enabling people to communicate, report, consult, refer and recommend a patient’s health condition and treatment to various health care professionals.


To instill the industry knowledge of the newly emerging Wellness Enterprise, its scope, domain, trends and enterprising opportunities along with practical knowledge of moral and ethical trade practices.


To empower people, specifically from the rural and semi-rural segment about the concepts of Wellness and Healthy living by way of free intellectual distribution and management of critical information and knowledge, through Wellness Rural Centers.