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  University Team
The Management
Prof. Dr. Sir P. I. Peter Founder Chairman
  Prof. Dr. Sir P. I. Peter is truly an extraordinary human being blessed with a unique power of transforming the humanity. He has mastered the art of living life with a passion to serve being service and by spreading love and making a positive contribution in the lives of people across the globe.

Prof. Dr. Sir P. I. Peter is an amazing coach. He teaches what he practices.

His coaching comes from his own personal experiences of ups and downs of life and success it carries. Through his coaching he has been successful in bringing out a complete transformation in the way people live, relate and communicate, empowering them to realize their inner potentials.

Prof. Dr. Sir P. I. Peter is a visionary. He is a master of handling any situation ensuring the desired result. He is a powerful giver, who teaches the technology of giving and receiving through his unique spiritual approach. He is a person truly known for his integrity, sincerity and personal care. A person with a very large heart; people experience great love, warmth and companionship in relating with him. He is also a teacher of Pranic Healing, a ‘No-touch’ energy therapy.

Prof. Dr. Sir P. I. Peter is a botanist, deeply involved in the research of medicinal plants for the past two decades. Out of his strong commitment to create healthy people to create healthy nations he extensively travels the length and breadth of the globe and creates wellness awareness programs and empowers people to be better than their best.

Prof. Dr. Sir P. I. Peter is the Chairman of Empower India Movement and Web Fund Foundation Pvt Ltd India. He is also the Knight Commander of the order of Knights of Medicina Alternative of the International Open University of Integrated Medicines, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

  Prof. Dr. N Murugesh University Vice-chancellor  
  Prof. Dr. N Murugesh a brilliant academician with 30 years of teaching experience, Prof. Dr. N Murugesh has authored six books on Pharmacology, Anatomy, Physiology and Health Care. He is currently the Professor of Pharmacology in Madurai Medical College, Tamil Nadu and a visiting Professor at Regional Engineering College, Trichy.

He has special training in Neurophysiology and Animal behavior and has guided many worthy Ph.D. students.

He has presented many scientific papers at the national and International level symposium and has published papers in national and International level journals. He is associated with many medical organizations of repute and is involved with many prestigious ongoing research activities.

The Faculty
  Dr. Nipun Chodhry, M.D (Physician), HHM, PPHC  
  Dr. Nipun Choudhry, a certified ‘Lifestyle’ specialist has done his Medicine from Harvard Medical School (USA) and a P.G. Diploma in Health Care Management.
He also has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Preventive and Promotive Health Care from Apollo Hospital, Delhi and is currently the faculty of Apollo Hospital, Delhi and TATA Sports and Fitness Academy, Jamshedpur, Tata Nagar, teaching Lifestyle and Wellness Management Courses.
He is an expert of Preventive Health and anti-aging. He is popular as a Lifestyle specialist and ‘Fat Loss’ doctor.
  Dr. Rangadhar Satapathy  
  Dr. Rangadhar Satapathy is a research scientist and a medical doctor, specialized in Indian Medicine. He has the distinction of undertaking extensive research on Morinda Citrifolia, an Indian-origin medicinal plant, popularly known as a Noni.
Dr. Rangadhar has served as a Health Coordinator in RCHC Reproductive and Child Health projects of AKSS Bhubaneshwar. He has attended several seminars on healthcare and wellness. He does online consultation on chronic degenerative diseases for distance patients both inside and outside the country. Presently he is working on a pilot project called ‘The Role of Homeopathy in degenerative and atrophic condition of optic nerve in case of Glaucoma’.
Dr. Rangadhar Satapathy is associated with the World Noni Research Foundation (WNRF) as a Research Specialist. With his committed, overwhelming and extraordinary service he has won the hearts of thousands of people. He has also won the ‘ANNFA 2007 Outstanding Wellness Campaigner’ award.
  Dr. Prashant Jagdale  
  Dr. Jagdale is a renowned rank-holder homeopathic doctor from Shivaji University.

He has served in Hindu Sabha Hospital as well as Jeevan Vikas Hospital of Mumbai, Maharasthra for 2 years and currently serves as a consulting homeopathic physician in Pune for more than 12 years.
He has attracted stupendous success in treating number of patients with various degenerative diseases with positive results. He has the rare distinction of treating more than 400 patients suffering from various kidney diseases successfully.

Dr. Jagdale has proved that Morinda Citrifolia works amazingly on last stage cancer patients. Till date, he has treated 44 such last stage cancer patients with successful results and 16 congenital annamlis patients. He also renders his service in the doctor’s panel providing ’Online Help Line’ to health conscious individuals.