World Wellnes Open University ( )

  About Us
  World Wellness Open University (WWOU) is an independent, self funded, self sustaining, autonomous Open University based at Chennai city of India. It is the first-of-its kind university in the world in the field of Wellness that would cater to the global audience with a holistic approach towards Wellness. It has diversified activities in the Wellness industry, one of the fastest growing trillion-dollar industries.

We firmly believe in ‘Care is much better than Cure’! Essentially, World Wellness Open University has emerged out of our deep commitment to spread Wellness to critical masses across the globe and to ensure healthy living and global well-being. The University has specific focus in the area of Wellness and Lifestyle Disease management, in both the rural and urban segment, and to serve the global masses with a vision to ensure global well-being.

World Wellness Open University has a 5-pronged approach to propagate holistic wellness. It has 5 dedicated branch divisions in Wellness Academic Forum (WAF), Wellness Rural Centers (WRC), World Wellness Forum (WWF), Wellness Therapy Forum (WTF) and Wellness Library & Data Center (WLDC). All the five branch divisions have distinct vision, mission, action plan and work specifications. We have taken this 5-pronged approach in order to make the phenomenon of Wellness accessible to each and every individual across the globe, with no one left out. With the launch of World Wellness Open University, for us, the Wellness Revolution has entered the next big stage.

World Wellness Open University is sphere headed by Prof. Dr. Sir P I Peter along with a team of committed professionals as well as well-qualified and service oriented faculty. The Empower India Movement of Chennai, India, strategically supports it.